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Tahoe Scenic View

38th  Annual POCA Fun Rally 
June 5th - 9th, 2019
Reno/Tahoe, NV.

POCA Fun Rally 2018 at the M Hotel, Henderson, Nevada

Panteras Zoom into Las Vegas

Fun Rally 2018

The POCA Store

The POCA online store is now fully be operational!

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Welcome to the Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA).

   We are dedicated to supporting  owners of De Tomaso cars. On this website you will find information about Panteras, Mangustas, Deauvilles, Longchamps, Vallelungas and Qvale Mangustas. there are albums with pictures and videos of DeTomaso cars in action, user forums, and information about POCA events. Each of the 24 POCA chapters both domestically and internationally.
     All Editorial content and photo's contained on this site remain the intellectual property of Pantera Owners Club of America and the photographers that give us the right to display such articles or pictures. No article or picture may be duplicated or reproduced without the consent of Pantera Owners Club of America henceforth referred to as POCA or the photagrapher that has granted us the rite to display such photos.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events