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Note: This is only for new members. For existing memberships who wish to renewClick Here
POCA membership is open to any De Tomaso owner or anyone who is an aficionado of the marque. We welcome one and all.

By joining POCA, you will enter a world chock full of DeTomaso people, from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads.  Your fellow members will be here to help you with your car, all you have to do is ask on any one of our forty five dedicated forum discussion boards.
Speaking of which, as a visitor, you're only seeing 10% of the website, once your membership is activated you'll receive a login and password within minutes to this website, those will unlock the lower menu.  Once it's available, you'll discover over 450 POCA publications, plus every manual produced by DeTomaso, Ford, ZF and more, it's truly a one stop shop for DeTomaso technical resources. 
We're more than just mechanical help,  there are also the social aspects of POCA Membership, activities like our National, Regional and Local Chapter Rallies where we all meet and drive, on roads, on tracks, thru cities and over the countryside. We also attend events together like Concours, races and more.  You'll enter a world of people who also have the same passion that you have for DeTomaso automobiles.
To join, please click the link below, it will take you through the automated application process.  Please fill out as many of the information boxes as you can, this helps us better serve you, we want to ensure you have the best possible POCA Membership Experience.
If you are a resident of the United States, select a Domestic (US) annual dues are:

Domestic Standard: $95 for all publications mailed to your door.
Domestic Quarterly: $65 for electronic publications and quarterly mailings of our high quality magazine "Profiles".
Domestic Electronic: $50 for electronic publications only. 

 Annual Dues for members living in Canada :
$110 (USD) for all publications mailed  to your door.
$75(USD) for electronic publications and quarterly postal mailings.
$50 (USD) for electronic only.   

Annual Dues for members outside of North America (International):
$50 (USD) for electronic publications.
$95(USD) for electronic and quarterly postal mailings of "Profiles".
$150 (USD)to receive monthly mailings of all publications. 

All fees are to be paid in USD. You can pay on-line with a credit card or a check from a US bank.  If this is not possible for you please contact for further options.
Let's get started.

To apply on-line, just click here 

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