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    Panteras Northwest has been an active chapter of POCA since 2006, but a large part of the active membership goes back many years earlier.  There has been a dedicated Detomaso clan in this area for a long time.  We have approximately 60 POCA members on the active roster, about that many who are non-POCA members, and cover the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and Canadian provinces British Columbia and Alberta.  We do have a few outlying members in Montana, Northern California and even Alaska.

   We usually meet the third Wednesday of each month at one of the Board members homes.  We do have occasional meetings with events on a Saturday such as slot or go-kart racing, or at a couple of the larger shows during the summer.  We try to schedule a couple of tech sessions each year as well to help each other work on our cars and keep up on the bench racing scene.  Our big event for the year is the Panteras Northwest Fall Cruise, always the weekend after Labor Day.  Usually a 3- or 4-day event that makes a car show part of the destination, it’s always our best attended outing. If you are in the area and want to join in the activities, need help working on your Detomaso or would like some assistance and advice on finding a car of your own, please get in touch.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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