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Welcome Friends

We are AZPOCA, The Pantera Owners Club of Arizona. AZPOCA is the Arizona chapter of POCA, or the Pantera Owners Club of America, of which there are twenty chapters located throughout the United States of America. 

Our chapter was founded 43 years ago and currently, with about 52 members and about 40 Panteras located throughout the state, we have grown to achieve the 6th highest membership level and 5th largest number of cars among all the chapters.

Owning a De Tomaso Pantera is not a prerequisite to become a member of AZPOCA. We embrace any individual that has the desire to celebrate the marque and learn more about it and it's legendary history. So, if you're a Pantera enthusiast we do encourage you to join our club! Some people join because they are owners seeking out fellow owners to share the experience. Others join to learn all about the Pantera automobile prior to purchasing one. We also have non owner members, who in some cases own other vintage or specialty cars, that simply appreciate the Pantera and the friendly folks who own them, and want to participate in fun.

We have a very diverse membership that come from all walks of professional life which is a great source of networking and to make new lasting friends. The one thing we all share and have in common is the passion for De Tomaso Automobili.

Our club offers many frequent activities including track events, road rallies, dyno days, tech clinics, car cruises, swap meets, car shows, parties, monthly dinner meetings, Christmas party's, and much more. If you are a new owner, you need to know we are all about helping each other to keep these iconic rides on the road. 

For information call Joe@ 602-206-1809 or Kevin @ 480-694-3552

Please feel free to come to our chapter club meetings unannounced, held every 2nd Tuesday of every month at: Maycayo's Mexican Table 1920 S. Dobson Road, Mesa, AZ 85202 (Just South of the 60) @ 7:00PM, show up early for a meet and greet in the parking lot and talk about cars.  

Tucson events generally are driving events, and are scheduled for approximately 1 per month.  We do lots of fun things in Southern Arizonia area.  Watch this space for the AZ POCA calendar listing all of our Club's Activities, and join us if you can!
Southern AZ Activities can be coordinated by calling Chuck at 520-225-8692.

AZ Poca at the Shelby Event


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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