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When was POCA founded?
In 1973 a group of enthusiastic De Tomaso and Mangusta owners began to hold regular meetings at Peyton Lincoln-Mercury in Long Beach , California .  From this small conclave of automobile owners emerged the Pantera Owners Club of America.
Does De Tomaso make any other cars?
De Tomaso continued to make Panteras in Italy until 1996.  In addition to the Pantera, De Tomaso has produced such masterpieces as the Deauville , Mangusta, Vallelunga and Longchamp.
Are De Tomaso products sold in the US?
De Tomaso products are available in the United States at Pantera parts stores.
How many De Tomaso Panteras were produced?
The exact number of De Tomaso Panteras built has not been determined; best estimates put the total at 7,200 of which 5500 were imported to the United States.
What is a Push Button Pantera?
Starting with car #1286, 1007, 1971 models were imported into the United States by Ford. The first 75 cars were "push button door" Panteras. These first Panteras were built at Vignale Carrozzeria, Italy. The first 75 vehicles were originally slated to go to the European market, but were redirected for exportation to the United States after the agreement with Ford was finalized. This group of 1971s were the only totally factory hand built Panteras to be imported into the United States by Ford.
What are Panteras valued at today?
The value of a classic Pantera varies from $20,000 - $90,000+.  The price varies based on several factors.  For example, factors such as year, options, rarity and racing history all contribute to the value of the Pantera.
Are Panteras successfully raced?
Dennis "Mad Dog" Antenucci conceived Team Pantera Racing in March 1997 to support continuing De Tomaso Pantera vintage sports and racecar participation in open-road racing events like the Sliver State Classic Challenge (SSCC).  There are currently 52 Team Pantera Racing members who compete in events such as the grueling Nevada Open-Road Challenge and the Silver State Classic Challenge.  Throughout the US , at tracks like Willow Springs, Laguna Seca, Watkins Glen, Summit Point, Bridgehampton, Lime Rock, and Pocono, POCA members test their driving skills and their cars. POCA members have even driven on the famous circuit of Le Mans , France .  Since it's conception, Team Pantera Racing members have been highly successful, placing in every race entered.
How did the Pantera come about?
In the late 1960s, Ford was in need of a high performance GT to combat the likes of Ferrari and Corvette, and assist in generating additional dealership traffic for its mainstream product lines. De Tomaso Automobili was relying on Ford for engines used in the Mangusta and had purchased the Ghia design and coach-building concern. After Ford's failed attempt to purchase Ferrari, the Ford-De Tomaso marriage seemed quite natural, so a business purchase arrangement was consummated and work began on a new mid-engined GT.
Does POCA have chapters?
Over the years, the POCA organization solidified and its membership began its steady expansion including 20 chapters across the United States .  The Pantera Owners Club of America is officially recognized by De Tomaso Automobili S.p.A., Modena , Italy .
What events does POCA participate in?
POCA members thrive on activity; and with its many local chapters, POCA makes a special effort to provide a wide range of activities that will satisfy the palate of every member.  POCA coordinates speed events, social events, regular meetings, rallies, Concourse d’ Elegance shows, and an annual convention in Las Vegas .
Does POCA have any publications?
POCA disseminates technical information about De Tomaso automobiles and publishes a monthly newsletter that keeps all members apprised of Club/Chapter activities. The Club also publishes an information-packed, pictorial quarterly magazine, Profiles, for it's members.
What is the correct way to spell De Tomaso?
Though often spelled as one word, there is a space between the "De" and the "Tomaso".  The D and the T are capitalized.
How do you pronounce POCA?
poh-kuh  Like Polka without the "L".   Ah one anna two ...
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