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Guara 1996 - The End

For power DeTomaso chose a new direction, employing a BMW powerplant for the first time. The 4.0 liter unit is a DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder, all-alloy V-8, upgraded to provide 305 horsepower. It features include fully electronic engine management and computer-controlled fuel injection; the transmission is a 6-speed Getrag transaxle unit.

Another unique element of the chassis design is the use of an inboard-mounted shock absorber system, employing push and pull rods to actuate the shock units. This system is similar to that of Formula 1 and IndyCars. This design moves the weight of the shock absorbers to the middle of the car, reducing unsprung weight and allowing the suspension to react to road changes more quickly. Brembo ventilated disc brakes and Campagnolo 18" cast alloy wheels complete a suspension package that would be at home on both race track and autostrada.

The interior is clean and uncluttered, with some of the body color composite materials showing in the interior as a race inspired design element. Magazine articles have been quite flattering in their praise of the Guara’s acceleration and handling prowess.

U.S importation is in the planning stages, replacing the BMW V-8 with a Ford 4.6 liter DOHC supercharged alloy engine. European purchasers may soon have their choice between the two engines. The supercharged version will have 430 hp. and 400 lb. of torque. Initially, 15 to 25 units will be coming to the USA at a price of $155,000. The Guara is 158" long on a wheelbase of 103", weighing approximately 2500 pounds.

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