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Currently there is no official Pantera registry, though there are plans to implement one.  However, there are a few registries that individuals have assembled.  They are not necessarily endorsed by POCA but may have useful information for you.

The original registry was assembled and printed by Bill Van Ess.  In recent years, There is also the registry for Mangustas at Mangusta International. By far the bigest registry is Provamo hosted by Chuck Melton.

Peter Havlik has assembled a registry of the late model Panteras, VINs 9000 through 9641.  The 9000 Series Pantera Registry in Word Format and the 9000 Series Pantera Registry in Excel Format are on this website. To protect the registrant's information, you must be logged into to access it.  To get detailed information or to add your late model car, contact Peter directly.

The De Tomaso Registry

Bill Van Ess:

Mangusta International:

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