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Reno-Tahoe Pantera’s has about 35 members distributed throughout the Reno, Tahoe and Carson Valley areas, most own a De Tomaso vehicle, but it’s not a prerequisite and the chapter retains many members who have long sold their Pantera but stick around for the camaraderie the club offers.

Spring, summer and fall are beautiful seasons in the Sierra’s, winter has its beauty too, but the other seasons are far more enjoyable from the seat of a Pantera! Many of the Reno Tahoe region members are equally at home showing their car at the plethora of car related events that happen from April through Hot August Nights or negotiating the mountain twisters on a spirited drive to an out of the way lunch spot.

A number usually make the annual pilgrimage to the POCA Fun Rally or Monterey car week for Concorso Italiano.

Our season usually kicks off in March with the Chapter AGM, followed by a Tech session in April to prepare the cars for the upcoming driving season and for many as a precursory check before the drive to the Annual Fun Rally. Throughout the summer we have impromptu brunch runs; BBQ’s and meet at the local car shows. The year winds down with a Christmas gathering, some bench racing and talk of the year ahead!

Watch the calendar for events and come join us if you are in the neighborhood and be sure to come join us for the 2019 Fun Rally June 5th-9th, back int own by popular demand!

The 2019 season will kick off with our AGM at Round Table Pizza, Carson City Walmart Center late March. 

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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