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First founded on August 1st, 1973 by a small group of like minded individuals who gathered to share their enthusiasm about the DeTomaso Marque at Peyton Sports Car Center – Peyton Lincoln-Mercury, Long Beach, CA.

Interests among DeTomaso owners are varied; they span from learning the fascinating history of the marque, researching the famed biographies of those who comprise our hall of fame and were instrumental in creating the automobiles' beautiful designs, to an in-depth study of the best maintenance and restoration practices of the day. Expertise and long-term experience is shared, and members benefit from learning effective techniques for the purchase and preservation of their DeTomaso automobiles.

The beauty of Pantera owners is their eclectic tastes and style. You will find those who are advocates of retaining the car's purity and originality, those with adventurous flair for design, and those who incorporate the most contemporary technology into their vintage classics. All are appreciated and comprise the POCA family.

As a member, you will be the recipient of benefits offered by the National Association, including the Club's membership in the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), along with the proximity and congeniality of the localized Chapter affiliations. POCA members thrive on activity and helping each other. The Club and its local Chapters make a concerted effort to provide a wide range of functions to satisfy the desires of all. Activities are plentiful year round and Chapters partake in a myriad of events such as regular meetings, presentations by guest speakers, holding of technical "hands-on" sessions, varied social and family events, speed events, swap meets, rallies, and stunning Concours d'Elegance shows. An annual International Convention is held every April in Las Vegas; Chapters also host annual events in other regions such as Reno, Nevada, College Station, Texas, and the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania.

For those with a passion for speed, POCA takes pride in our race enthusiasts and our famed vintage race team, Team Pantera Racing. TPR continues a tradition of being the only "vintage" team to regularly compete in the Silver State Classic Challenge, the Nevada Open Road Challenge Races, the Bonneville 100, the annual Texas World Speedway event, the Pony Express and many other sanctioned events year-long. Our racers have earned a reputation that humbles many a competitor in any of the popular domestic or foreign race machines of the day. There is no doubt, novice to seasoned racers have an overabundance of fun!

Members of POCA are kept apprised of activities and the latest technical information in the Club's two full size magazines: the richly pictorial and informative quarterly, Profiles Magazine, and the online POCA monthly Newsletter.

Membership is open to any De Tomaso owner or aficionado.  Annual dues are $75 for Domestic Members and $50 (US)  for International Members (digital editions of Profiles). We graciously welcome one and all proceed to the Membership tab on the home page and join POCA today. 

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