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1972 Pre-L for sale, #2518
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It's a sad day, but I put my Pantera up for sale. Simply, I don't get to drive it enough.

Many excuses: at the rear of the garage, Danish climate, not much going on in Danish Pantera community (wish I lived in Arizona Chuck), I’ve gotten fed up participating in classic car gettogethers here in Copenhagen area where people sit on the cars etc general chaos, and no tracks to have fun on near me.

So the only use I have for it is trips like my trip to Spa and LMC, where the wife kinda prefers the Longchamp, and so do I if I take a pre-trip around Italy or Switzerland. So maybe I can have more fun with that money and space buying something else.

I had Gallerie Brummen ( ) guy evaluate it, he said €115, looking at the others on I've set my price at €119 because it's faster than all of them I think.

If somebody wants a well handling and fast narrow-body Pantera, I think this is a good place to look...

Please see attached pdf for pictures and details

Pantera + Longchamp
Author of Tuning Made Easy, available at

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