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85 GT5 on PI
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The 85 GT5 that is for sale on the PI website for $200.000.00 is the same car that was sold July 1, 2017 for $96,000.00 at the Jim Rudan auction in Wisconsin.
The car originally was Yellow and is now black. The 514 CI engine has cracked rings and No compression. The ZF Transmission has the big block spacer with internal clutch slave.
The rear exhaust tips are 1/2 inch from the rear bumper which is welded solid to the frame without compression struts. The rear wing that they are selling with the car is the aftermarket fiberglass wing and not the aluminum GT5 wing. The car does have the original 15" GT5 magnesium Campi rims. The original leather burgundy interior is complete but tired.
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